NYC - Overcome The Disaster of Data Loss With The Data Recovery Services of NYC American Tech Pros!

Losing valuable data can be detrimental to any business. That is why having the assistance of data recovery professionals feels like such a relief! American Tech Pros is a fully equipped IT support company based in Freehold, New Jersey. We provide comprehensive end-to-end services to our clients to ensure that the IT systems are always up and running.

We cater to businesses throughout the US, and we have teams of Level 3 engineers trained and committed to taking care of your IT systems to protect them from the threats of cyber attacks as well as from other unforeseen circumstances that lead to disruption. We fully understand your helplessness if you suddenly discover that data has become inaccessible. Such situations may cause business operations to come to a grinding halt.

American Tech Pros have the capabilities to serve small and medium businesses with any service, be it on site or remote to support IT systems. Companies that employ 25 to 100 employees are most suited for the type of support we provide even though we are capable of extending service to slightly bigger companies.

Data recovery services

We at American Tech Pros are completely equipped to handle all kinds of situations related to Data recovery NYC. Our services in data recovery include hard drive recovery, SSD data recovery, RAID recovery, Apple Mac recovery, mobile device recovery, virtualization recovery, SQL server and exchange server recovery, file systems recovery, flash media recovery and tape data retrieval. We have been serving our clients since 2000 with expertly managed services in IT support.

Our engineers have extensive experience in recovering data from all kinds of devices like laptop, desktop, mobile devices, servers and net books. For us, nothing is beyond recovery, and we are capable of recovering data no matter how inaccessible it might have become.

Our mission for data recovery

We are committed to providing our clients the most certain service in data recovery by retrieving the complete data in a safe manner and within the shortest possible time. We firmly believe that no data is unrecoverable and have trained our engineers to handle worst case scenarios, and that resulted in our high success rate. We promise our clients about complete data security and ensure protecting their privacy with a high degree of professionalism. Our data recovery process undergoes annual audits and complies with regulatory standards of corporate, banking, education, medical and other sectors.

Partnering with manufacturers

The process of data recovery New York is complicated and challenging. It needs the right resources and time for successful completion. We are committed to delivering speedy service. Our engineers follow the best practices of the industry that help to perform tasks faster. To improve our capabilities in data recovery, we collaborate with hard drive manufacturers to gain better insight and develop improved processes that are highly efficient. The process of data recovery might often necessitate repairing of hard disks before it is possible to recover data. New York data recovery, therefore, entails replacement of hard disk parts like logic control components, read/write head assemblies or drive motors.

Operating systems and hard drives

Our reputation in NYC data recovery is attributable to our capabilities in handling a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows, DOS, Linux, VMware, Unix, Novell, Apple Mac OS and many others. The best thing about our hard drive recovery is that if you suffer a technical fault within the warranty period, you still enjoy the warranty in full because our process is completely in conformity with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Data Recovery Services

Round the clock and prompt service

We fully realize the sensitivity attached to data and have created our infrastructure to respond to distress calls at any hour of the day or night. We are always at our clients’ service, ready to reach out to them. We have a team of data recovery advisors who are capable of troubleshooting over the phone after listening to your problem. In case it is beyond their scope, they would refer it to an expert who would assist you with the necessary assistance required for the task. Our helpdesk just takes 15 minutes to respond, and we settle all issues at the engineers’ level without the need for escalation.

Recovering from disaster

We also offer services in NYC disaster recovery to ensure that your IT system is always functional. There can be so many reasons why the IT system can suddenly become non-functional. There might be fires and floods or a simple power outage that renders the IT system non-functional. Such incidents can cripple businesses temporarily, and we try to salvage the situation at any cost. Since you have no control over the external factors, the best way to encounter such situations is to have a disaster recovery program in place. The plan ensures that the personnel, data, and systems remain protected and your business can operate in spite of the eventuality or disaster. You are welcome to use our services that help you to implement the disaster recovery plan you have made.

Understanding disaster recovery

Disaster recovery plan is similar to back up plan but applied on a much larger scale. We advise clients on disaster recovery NYC so that they can create resources for copying the entire IT system including servers and hard drives to preserve its image that serves as a mirror. In the event of any mishap that renders the IT system defunct temporarily, the copied image of the system allows users to work on the system without any disruption. It maintains continuity of the IT system so that business disruptions do not happen. At the same time, the engineers get enough time to put back the IT system on track.

Have a look at the questionnaire below for better understanding of our capabilities in data recovery and disaster recovery New York.

Data backup plans are essential for having a data protection strategy in place. However, more than 50% data backups are susceptible to failure for reasons of human error, media failure, hardware failure, software failure and network failure. Since there are no foolproof systems for back up plans to always function properly, a reliable New York disaster recovery in place is the only way to ensure that the IT system is always accessible and functional.

Class 100 signifies a clean room environment where the air quality is exceptionally pure as every cubic foot of air in this room contains less than 100 air borne particles measuring not more than 0.5 microns.

As a leading data recovery Company NYC, we at American Tech Pros perform the data recovery process in a clean room environment for data recovery arising from physical damage or media level damage. Hard disks manufacturing is done in Class 100 clean room environment to ensure that the operation takes place in a sanitized and dust free environment. Data recovery in a similar environment is necessary to prevent data loss due to corruption so that complete recovery is possible. The hard disk components are too delicate, and the space between the heads and the platters is 1/1000th part of the width of a human hair that can get damaged even by the minutest particle settling on it.

To retrieve data from a logically damaged file system, we use specially developed proprietary data recovery software that ensures efficient and safe recovery of data maintaining complete confidentiality. The recovery process does not require the utilization of any equipment.

Apart from urgent calls, on an average, we take about 3-5 days time to complete the process of data retrieval.

After the data recovery is complete, we validate the data and store it in a suitable media like a hard drive or flash drive that we provide free of cost or on the storage media that you provide for returning it to you.

As soon as you discover that data has become inaccessible, you must not try to retrieve the same because this can only make things worse by corrupting data that you might never be able to recover.

If you delete files or format it, then the data vanishes and cannot be found anywhere on the system. It is an ideal situation of data loss, and to resurrect lost data, you must take recourse to data recovery. Data repair pertains to accessing corrupted files that you cannot access or read after fixing it with the help of file repair utility tool.

We can meet all your IT service needs from network management to desktop support and from managing copiers and printers to protecting your IT system from any possible cyber attacks. Call us to know more!