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Data recovery is an old concept, but the challenges and technology are new. It is a process every business needs irrespective of their data proportions. It can work in cases of accidental deletion, formatting of hard drives and malware attacks. Losing data can cost millions of dollars for a business depending on their size of operations. If you think that data recovery options are only necessary for larger companies, you are mistaken. Smaller companies also need data security, backup, and recovery solutions since mishaps do not choose the size of operations. Your business data is irreplaceable. You have invested precious time, money and effort in gathering leads, customer information, and reputation, and risking it all to hacker attacks, DNS attacks or ransomware is an unwise business decision.

Recovering lost data is next to impossible if you do not have a data backup plan in place. American Tech Pro takes care of all your data needs by first structuring and then backing up all your business data in the secure cloud. NJ data recovery has a robust backing up system that can account for all the data your business yields. Our latest recovery system is lightning fast. You will not have to turn away a single customer in case of the worst data emergencies. Our NJ disaster recovery software can look for all desired files around the storage system and fetch them for your IT department in no time.

What can lead to loss of precious data?

Most business owners shudder at the thought of losing business data. However, ignoring the risks does not make them any less relevant. Our IT experts understand this fact and try to educate all our clients about all possible kinds of data loss.

Logical failure: this is standard for all types of hard drive data storage systems. In the case of logical failures, you will not have direct access to your data files. You may be able to see it in your disk management or BIOS. A complete logical hard drive failure may seem insurmountable, but a correct backup plan can act as your knight in shining armor during your data-dark days. Logical failure essentially means that the internal architecture of your HDD is undamaged. Therefore, you can easily restore your data with the help of our IT teams specializing in data recovery New Jersey.

Physical failure: this is the permanent failure of your storage system. No matter what kind of reliable storage or hard disk you use to store your business data, you cannot minimize the risk of physical failure if you have a physical storage system. That is where the role of cloud storage systems and backups becomes most significant. Due to physical damage of the HDD, you may lose all relevant data. The presence of a “copy” of the data on the cloud will allow you to download the data and access it. You can also choose to migrate all your data to a cloud storage system for 24*7 access. It will enable you to recover all your lost files without losing a single byte of data.

What methods should companies never use to store data?

If you are currently unable to access data from your HDD or solid storage, do not attempt to recover data with unwarranted practices. Our data recovery NJ experts are always online. Reach out to our Level 3 engineers with your data loss or data recovery issues. We believe in a Zero Escalation process. It means that you can communicate directly with the experts you need, and they will help you find a solution to your problem.

Avoid all kinds of data freezing methods to recover your lost data. Do not give your hard drive to unauthorized sources. By doing this, you not only risk permanently damaging your device, but you also risk exposing your sensitive business information to illicit sources.

Data Recovery

We offer complete data recovery, not data repair

Small budget companies often try to sell data repair services in the garbs of data retrieval. They may be closely related, but they are vastly different. When you lose your data or accidentally delete your data, you need recuperating procedures to recover your data from cloud storage or other storage systems. Data repair is a common procedure that involves the mending of a file that has become corrupt. You must have done this already. Media files sometimes refuse to open. They need cleaning or rebuilding. There are online programs that offer free repair services. Your data partner should always offer data repair services along with data recovery options.

Why should you pick a redundant data recovery program?

American Tech Pros offers the best redundant data recovery program for SMBs. Redundancy minimizes data loss in case of extensive data corruption. Small and medium businesses need smooth operations with complete application support, multiple servers and online backup monitoring. Using a redundant data service like ATP disaster recovery New Jersey means, your data is going to get backed up multiple times a day. Duplication, compression, encryption, and organization are the guaranteed methods of data storage. Retrieving data from a redundant storage service takes only a couple of minutes even for beginners.

Is it possible to restore data offline?

If your website is down and you have no way of connecting to the internet, you may have to settle for an offline solution. A local vault solution in combination with an offline data storage works miraculously for safeguarding your data from all sorts of physical damage. In this case, the location of the data center becomes exceedingly important. You may have to visit the main offices of the local vault before you can enjoy code tracking, data management, and privacy protection services. The disaster recovery NJ center of ATP provides all the offline data storage and retrieval options you can need. Connect with our online representative today to find out the best deals for your company or organization.


Data recovery is a complex association of events, which often leads to a number of questions from our potential clients. Here’s a collection of the answers to the most FAQs –

For HDDs and SSDs, data recovery is often capped off at 2 TB. However, for online cloud storage, backup and recovery options at American Tech Pros, you can literally backup the blueprint of your entire business and your 10-year business plan. The storage space and backup plans vary according to the packages you choose.

Trojan attacks and DNS attacks are becoming more common by the day. Once you lose data to such malware and virus attacks, you can only regain them if you have a recovery package in place. A good recovery plan from a New Jersey disaster recovery agency can save you a lot of sleepless nights.

Many data enthusiasts and DIY websites will tell you “How to recover data in 5 easy steps”, but your data is worth more than the few dollars you will spend on a sound recovery plan. The DIY methods are more likely to damage your physical storage drive or incorrectly restore your data from the cloud, which will render it unusable. A professional service comes with client recommendations, testimonials and years’ worth experience that can tackle all sorts of data crises. Picking a New Jersey data recovery company like ATP means, you have wise data engineers who have seen all kinds of data management challenges possible. There is nothing new that can take them by surprise.

If you are a small business with limited resources, you can go with a limited plan. You can pick a package that has just enough room for your business data backup. If you need large space, you can always go for a costly plan next month. The data backup and recovery plans at American Tech Pros are scalable with your business. We help your business grow, and we grow with your business.

Since American Tech Pros believe in cloud storage and recovery, your physical location is not as important, unless you want us to maintain your physical data vaults. You can always reach out to our technicians, customer support executives, and engineers via a simple message. We are always online, always ready to help.

At the moment, ATP caters to dedicated companies in the New Jersey and New York areas. We also have our data head office in Freehold, New Jersey. We also serve the metro areas of Philadelphia out of our Freehold office.

Do not wait until it is too late. Pick up your phone and give us a call for the best prices and the best services in the country.