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Helping SMBs and startups reach their full potential is our motto. That is why American Tech Pros, the New Jersey based IT Company,  provides a broad range of technological and IT support to companies that are using cloud-computing systems. We have created a wide network of satellite offices throughout the US that enables us to cater to clients in every state of the country. To support the cloud computing initiatives of our clients, we have created a robust support system, comprising of experienced IT professionals and level 3 engineers. We have established ourselves as a reliable service provider for cloud services New Jersey with capabilities of meeting the demands of our clients in accessing new technologies that benefit their business in terms of increased efficiency and improved cash flow.

With us, you are in safe hands

Today, American Tech Pros is a recognized and respected name in the IT industry, and we have collaborated with numerous businesses to help them achieve growth and success. We understand how the IT system can contribute to a company’s bottom line, and it is our pledge to you that we will transform the way you receive IT services for your business. We provide the most reliable and efficient services to ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted IT services that keep your business operations up and running. Besides reducing system downtime and enhancing system capabilities, we will enable you to save on the cost of hardware and maintenance. We give complete assurance of improved server uptime, and we will create a safety ring around your IT system so that you enjoy better network security, disaster recovery and backup.

Our offerings

We offer a broad range of cloud computing solutions that include:

  • Private cloud solutions
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Virtual Desktop Hosting
  • Exchange Hosting
  • Business continuity
  • Remote data backup
  • Remote web apps
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Mobile device management
  • Web protection and security

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The high point of business

At American Tech Pros, we have created a unique combination of the right infrastructure and skills, which is necessary to win the trust of clients who believe in our capabilities of secure handling of their data and applications. We take pride in our business processes that generate confidence among businesses. We have been in operation since the year 2000 and have established our financial stability over all these years. We have enough financial muscles to drive the business through for many years. Our list of satisfied clients is the greatest source of trust that helps us attract new clients. Our staff has a thorough understanding of the business processes of the companies that they handle, and it enables them to provide the right kind of tailor-made solutions in cloud services NJ. Having maintained a transparent business relationship with our clients, we are ready to validate compliance with all their requirements through third party audit.

Our processes and technical capabilities

It is our goal to provide clients with the most satisfying services so that they can make full use of the opportunities in cloud computing. We have appropriate mechanisms in place that make it easy for our clients to deploy software and applications while managing and upgrading the same comfortably. To increase the compatibility of our services with the cloud infrastructure, we use standard interfaces, APIs and data transform so that it becomes easy to establish connections with the cloud. We have a monitoring and management system integrated with a formal event management system that offers a better scope of exploring wider options. Since change is the only constant in life, and business processes are fast evolving, we adopt a formal and well-documented change management system, and we also have provisions for supporting you in your endeavor for hybrid cloud, should you feel its need in the future.

Security practices

Security compliance rules supreme in our business processes, as we want to give complete assurance about data safety and protection to our clients. Every business process has its own level of security as part of the comprehensive security infrastructure that is in place to ensure complete protection of the cloud services we offer. We have well-defined security policies to implement access control to customer systems and for our engineers and other personnel. For ensuring integrity and protection of customer data, we have elaborate systems of data backup and retention. We are aware of the importance of identity management and have policies for authorizing changes that one may require for hardware component or application. Any individual or group requesting the change must get it approved by the appropriate authority.

We meet your expectations

We do not claim that we are capable of serving organizations of all sizes but are ready to work with businesses that employ 25 to 100 people. However, this is the optimal preference as we are even capable of serving companies of slightly bigger sizes with more than hundred employees. The position that we have earned in the industry bears testimony to the high level of professional service that we offer. Our fast turnaround times always have pleased clients, as we never take more than 15 minutes to respond to a service call.  The cloud service we offer is one of the many other services that we provide in maintaining the IT system of companies. From managing copiers and printers to network management and desktop management, we can do it all for you. Over and above, we protect your IT system from cyber hazards.

Cloud computing offers a broad range of services, and we have seen that clients often lack clarity about it. To gain insight and clear explanation of what the services are about, go through the questionnaire below that sheds light on the different services and their various aspects.

Software as service (SaaS), Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) and Platform as Service (PaaS) are the three different types of cloud services available.

SaaS – In this service, a software application is accessible to customers. The data and business logic of the application is hosted on a remote server and not on the hardware of the user. Instead of paying a license fee up front for using the software, customers pay a subscription fee.  Google Docs and Microsoft 365 are examples of SaaS.

IaaS – American Tech Pros offers IaaS, which provides a complete IT infrastructure in the cloud. Clients can access enterprise grade technology without having to pay for hardware, software, IT management services and licenses. Businesses that rely on virtual desktop infrastructure are ideally suited for such service.

PaaS – A platform for developers in the cloud is what PaaS is. PaaS provides the platform and the environment that developers can use to build applications and services. Users of the platform can develop, run and manage applications by using the ready-made infrastructure.

Information is completely safe in SaaS service because software providers pay utmost importance to data safety and invest a lot in backup, security, and maintenance. They use automated infrastructure and process controls like SSAE16 SOC II that manages the entire data security including updates and recovery.

In virtual desktop hosting, the data and applications remain hosted on a server in the cloud that becomes the virtual desktop that you can access from any device through a secured remote connection.

If you are in need of enterprise email capabilities without investing in the infrastructure required for it, then you can avail hosted exchange service that perfectly suits the needs of small businesses. This way, you are buying a professionally managed service to enjoy email capabilities similar to what enterprises avail.

The idea is similar to taking backup on your computer system, but here the data does not get saved to the computer, but on a remote server. It ensures better data retrieval because data will never be out of reach due to inaccessibility as it can happen for native backup systems.

We ensure 256-bit end-to-end data encryption, and we store files in enterprise class servers. We use an SAS 70 data center to house our cloud services, and we have designed the backup process to be completely automated so that you will never have to do it manually. You can retain 365 days worth of data.

The web protection and security package that we offer is a solution for malware protection and content filtering that is highly powerful and quite affordable for all sizes of businesses. It implements the policies governing internet usage by restricting access to applications and websites that are unrelated to your business niche. It can eliminate spyware and other types of malware, phishing, spamming, botnets, and adware.

At American Tech Pros, we provide the best in class cloud services that open new doors of opportunities for small and medium businesses. Give us a call or drop us a message to know more!